Almost All Passengers Disembark Grand Princess

Grand Princess at the pier in Oakland (image via social media)

Published Mar 13, 2020 9:45 PM by The Maritime Executive

Five days after the quarantined cruise ship Grand Princess docked in Oakland, most of her passengers have finally disembarked. 14 foreign passengers still remained on board as of Friday evening, according to the CDC, and they are awaiting repatriation arrangements. The vessel is slated to remain in Oakland through Sunday. 

All healthy American passengers from the vessel are now in self-quarantine at home or are in quarantine at a military facility, depending upon their state of residence. British nationals have been repatriated to the UK for self-quarantine, and Canadian nationals have been quarantined at Canadian Forces Base Trenton in Ontario. One Canadian passenger tested positive for COVID-19 after arrival at the base.

Some U.S. citizens from Grand Princess have reported that they have not yet been tested for the virus, reflecting a broader concern about test availability among members of the American public. In a briefing earlier this week, Vice President Mike Pence indicated that all U.S. nationals from Grand Princess would be tested for COVID-19 after disembarkation. 

At Travis Air Force Base in California, where 858 American passengers are serving out a 14-day quarantine, some have reported confusion and a shortage of basics. “There’s no logistical support at all here,” said former passenger Steve Houghton, speaking to Mother Jones. "It's as if nobody really anticipated that 900 Californians were gonna come into this facility. This is after five days of being in total isolation.”

California Governor Gavin Newsom addressed these concerns at a press conference Thursday. "We are dealing with some logistical issues related to provisions," said Newsom. "We are working to improve, but as you know, that is a federal operation."