SMT Systemtechnik Enable Entry Into the Offshore Market

Company provides first robotic tube cutting machine to Polish shipyard

By MarEx 2013-10-22 10:59:00

Successfully passed the first practical test has been developed by the SMT Systemtechnik GmbH novel robotic tube cutting system. The computer controlled machining system was delivered mid-year to the Polish shipyard Energomontaz Polnoc Gdynia (EPG). Specializing in ship repair and ship conversion EPG shipyard in Gdynia has begun to expand its production profile to the offshore and on special steel products. On the robotic tube cutting system by SMT pipes are mainly intended for the construction of offshore wind turbines to be processed. "We have been able to push on with the job for the EPG throw the door to the growing offshore market," commented Roland Rüb, sales managers and project developers of SMT Systemtechnik GmbH.

Based in Syke (Lower Saxony) Company, a manufacturer of highly flexible industrial robot systems, has remove with the robotic tube cutting machine the own product range by another innovative manufacturing system. At the new facility can be processed up to 50 tons up to 14 meter steel pipes with a weight. The tube diameter varies between 100 mm and 1200 mm. The SMT-developers designed the robotic tube cutting system according to the specific requirements of EPG shipyard. Thus, the pipes are clamped into the machine and may not be re-clamped in the whole course of the machining process. "It can be edited for example, both headboards, without changing the position of the tube must", Roland Rübe describes one of the outstanding technical innovations.

The IMG Group in Rostock owned company in Syke near Bremen accessed from the SMT sales office in Katowice, Poland, to the order of the EPG in Gdynia. Foreign markets in Switzerland and Austria are managed from Munich. Which was established in St. Petersburg in July 2013 IMG Russia sales and service company SMT is also stronger in the future to edit the Russian market.

SMT was founded in 1988 in Syke and specializes in robotic welding systems, special machines and equipment. This technique is described in production processes used for example in the automotive industry as well as in sheet metal processing industry and household appliances industry. In autumn 2011 the IMG-Group with the main plant Ingenieurtechnik und Maschinenbau GmbH (IMG) in Rostock had taken over the company in Syke. SMT Systemtechnik has 16 employees.