[Photos] Response Crews Shift to Salvage Operations for Grounded Towboat

By MarEx 2013-12-02 09:27:00

Crews for the Stephen L. Colby response continue to work around the clock, focusing on the safety of the public and responders involved, on continually reducing the impact to the environment and protecting the wildlife around the area. The towboat Stephen L. Colby reportedly struck a submerged object in the Mississippi River near LeClaire, Iowa on Nov. 25.

The towboat sits boomed off on the right descending bank of the Mississippi River near downtown LeClaire while response crews conduct cleanup and salvage operations 

The response crews are planning on raising the vessel from the riverbed within the next few days.

The unified command urges the community not to handle any wildlife for public and wildlife safety, but to immediately contact the Joint Information Center at 563-505-4548.

To report a property claim related to the incident please contact 1-800-280-7118.

The cause of the incident is under investigation.