Greenpeace Blocks Ship From Entering Durban Port

By MarEx 2014-04-14 09:31:00

A ship carrying 2,000 tons of fin whale meat from Iceland has decided not to enter the South African port of Durban.

The ship is en route to Japan to deliver its cargo in Tokyo and wanted to resupply halfway. It would have reportedly met public outrage. In three days, over 23,000 South Africans joined Greenpeace in its request to the port authorities to deny entrance and service to the Alma.

Greenpeace is calling on the South African government to add pressure to other African ports to continue denying services to the Alma ship when it reaches their shores.

After similar actions of Greenpeace last year, the ports of Rotterdam and Hamburg declared that transshipments of whale meat are not welcome anymore.

Michael O’brien Onyeka, Greenpeace Africa Executive Director, said: "Whale meat - just like rhino horn - is illegal in South Africa. The shipping company underestimated South African citizens commitment to abolish the trade of illegal and endangered species and wildlife. Now, the vessel has left South African waters without the possibility to refuel."