Ghana's President Supports Strengthening of Maritime Borders, Security

By MarEx 2013-08-09 10:11:00

President Mahama being welcomed by officials of the Equitorial Guinea government

President John Mahama is in Malabo, Equitorial Guinea, and will pay a working visit to some energy institutions and installations including the national gas company, SONAGAS.

Accompanying the President are officials of the Ghana National Gas Company and the Ministry of Energy & Petroleum. The visit is to afford the officials an opportunity to learn and share experiences with the management of SONAGAS and other energy institutions in Equitorial Guinea. Malabo, unlike Accra’s infant oil and gas industry has considerable experience in the sector.

President Obiang Nguema Mbasogo who will be taking President Mahama on the tour is expected to introduce the Ghanaian leader and his team to new technologies being implemented by his country.

President Mahama arrived in Malabo Thursday night to attend a summit of Heads of states along the Gulf of Guinea on maritime security. The summit will discuss proposals for enhancing security in the wake of the recent increase in piracy along the Gulf of Guinea.

President Mahama, who has been discussing the strengthening of the maritime borders with his colleagues in Ivory Coast, Togo, Benin and Nigeria, is expected to make some strong contributions at the summit.

Ghana has over the last three years upgraded the equipment stock of the Ghana Navy and recently established a Police Marine Unit. The idea is to check piracy and also protect the country's oil installations and maritime boundaries.

Accompanying the President to the summit are the Ministers for Defence, Mark Woyongo and Interior, Kwesi Ahwoi.