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This week’s mailbag (again) contains something just a little bit different. Our lone letter this week addresses another unsolicited letter which we published on line in our Mailbag last week. In any event, that letter elicited another, this time with another interesting point of view. Read last week’s Mailbag entry by clicking HERE. Or, just read on below to see what this week’s letter had to say.

Both entries reference the so-called “Cape Wind” project off the coast of Massachusetts in Nantucket Sound. Some – including myself – welcome (a.) the maritime aspect of this project, (b.) the clean energy it will produce and (c.) the reduced dependence on foreign energy production that might be a byproduct of the effort. Read on to see what our reader had to say below:

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While I’m from the other MMA I’ve done some guest lecturing at Mass and saw the windmill. I’m impressed with the whole concept of that being on the campus and acting as a teaching tool on several levels.

Having good friends in Holland we often see the new windmill farms as we drive around that country. While they don’t have the charm of the old mills I’ve never found them to be objectionable, nor that noisy.

I’m attaching a photo we took last year while entering (I think) Medemblik when sailing on Ijsselmer.


Dufour, Laskay & Strouse, Inc.

MarEx Editor’s Remarks: He’s Okay for a Maine Maritime guy! There are two sides to every story. Obviously, I like this version, just fine.