Boston and Long Island Sound Marine Pilots Edging Closer to Long-Awaited Pay Raises

Long Island Sound pilots operating under a memorandum of agreement (MOA) between the states of Connecticut and New York are inching their way towards their first pay increase in almost twenty-five years. According to MarEx sources in Connecticut, the proposed pay raise has now gone through the required comment period with no adverse comments, been reviewed by the state’s Attorney General and now is in the Connecticut Regulations Review Board. Assuming a favorable edict there, the raise will eventually become law in January. The state of New York has already passed the increase which will provide for annual, 6 percent increases, spread over the next three years.

In Boston, marine pilots are still struggling to receive their rate increase; the first in seven years. The bill is being held up in the Natural Resources committee by its Chair (Senator Pamela Resor). Sources close to the fray told MarEx today that while the pilots are said to be lobbying others to move it out of that committee for a vote on the floor, supporters of another marine-oriented bill are attempting to have their bill -- one which the pilots do not support -- added to the pay raise measure. The move is seen as one which would put through a bill supported by some docking masters in Boston Harbor who have yet to be certified by the state. MarEx readers can click here to find a position paper relating to the matter of the pilots pay increase.

Next Week

Boston’s Waterfront Revisited: competing interests and competing bills, but little progress. Stay tuned...