Greenpeace Protests Against the Import of Genetically Engineered Foods into Australia

The Greenpeace activists dressed as chickens and held banners protesting against genetically modified food outside of a conference of the poultry industry in Queensland.

?Almost 300,000 tons of GE soy are imported into Australia each year; most of it goes into chicken feed and ends up on our dinner plates,? said Greenpeace in a statement.

Three activists climbed onto the side of the cargo ship ?Rhein? in Brisbane and used rollers to paint their protests. They claim that the ship was carrying 13,000 tons of genetically modified soy meal from the U.S.

Australia grows two genetically crops; cotton and carnations. However, last year the government approved the planting of canola crops. Australia is the second largest exporter of canola, behind Canada, which crop is mostly genetically modified.