Captain of Freighter Accused of Recklessness at Sea in Ferry Collision

The Stena Nautica passengers were safely evacuated after it collided with a freighter early on Monday just off the Swedish coastline. The ferry was carrying 91 passengers and 37 crew members.

The cause of the accident is still under investigation, but police suspect that the captain of the Polish-owned Joanna of violating the rules at sea. The captain is banned from leaving Sweden and must report daily to the police.

The freighter?s captain, Krystiof Mroczideviz, has blamed the accident on the ferry?s captain saying, ?I have a hard time understanding why he turned the way he did.?

However, the Swedish authorities claim that the freighter?s captain committed navigational errors and could also be responsible for faulty equipment on the ship.

The ferry was towed to port, where workers began to repair its damaged hull. The freighter docked at port under its own power and was only slightly damaged.