10 Pirates Gunned Down and Beaten to Death in Bangladesh

By MarEx 2012-11-20 09:34:00

Bangladeshi police confirm that on Wednesday 10 pirates who were wounded in a gunfight with police officials were thereby beaten to death by an angry mob in Monpura.

Law enforcement in Bangladesh launched a hunt towards a pirate gang following the seizure of a local fisherman and looting of trawlers and houses in Bhasan Char.  When police arrived, they discovered the pirates on two trawlers who immediately fired at the incoming police.  60 law enforcers subsequently ignited a gunfight with the pirates that extended for 3 hours.  The 10 pirates involved were wounded amid the hail of gunfire, and eventually came to surrender to the police.

Angry fishermen and locals who assisted the police in the raid then stormed the scene and beat the pirates to death, killing all 10, according to the police.  Police also recovered the dead body of the 28-year-old fisherman from the scene, though it is not certain whether he died from a result of the pirates, or crossfire during the gunfight.  Ten others, including 2 police officials, were injured during the raid and explosion of violence thereafter.

According to the police of Monpura, trawler attacks are increasing among pirate activity, with more than 100 trawlers this month being invaded in Meghna’s estuary.