Newly Certified Methanol Valves to Improve Dual-Fuel Shipbuilding

Pres-Vac Engineering
Pres-Vac Engineering's innovative high-velocity methanol valves

Published May 17, 2024 10:00 AM by The Maritime Executive

[By: Pres-Vac Engineering]

Pres-Vac Engineering has announced the successful certification of its innovative high-velocity methanol valves, setting new standards in the construction of dual-fuel vessels. These valves, essential for the safety and efficiency of methanol tank systems, are now certified under the IMO 1621 standard among other rigorous regulatory benchmarks.

The newly certified valves enable greater flexibility in ship design, accommodating long vent-pipes up to 128 meters for DN 65 size, with allowances for even longer pipelines. This development offers shipbuilders and owners unique options in creating more efficient and compliant dual-fuel systems.

Highest certified methanol valves on the market
Sofia Alexandra Grave, R&D Manager at Pres-Vac, stated, “This certification marks an important moment for Pres-Vac as we provide the only valves on the market that meet such stringent standards.”

The valves, including the PV-ECO and PV-VOC models, incorporate advanced technological features such as improved flow control and minimized gas emissions. These mechanical valves operate without electronic controls, adding a layer of safety to their functionality.

Aiding the dual-fuel transition
“Our products not only comply with but also exceed existing regulations, aiding shipowners in the transition to greener technologies and helping the industry meet stricter environmental standards,” added Harshith Venkatramana, R&D Engineer at Pres-Vac.

With these customizable and low-emission valve solutions, Pres-Vac continues to lead in safety and environmental stewardship, driving the maritime industry toward a more sustainable future.

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