ClassNK Releases “FAQs on the EU-ETS for Shipping (2nd Edition)”

Timeline for the introduction of the EU-ETS for shipping (from “FAQs on the EU-ETS for Shipping (2nd Edition)”)

Published Jan 21, 2024 9:05 PM by The Maritime Executive

[By: ClassNK]

ClassNK has released "FAQs on the EU-ETS for Shipping (2nd Edition)".

Following the enforcement of the amendment to the EU-ETS Directive and the issuance of supporting regulations, including those related to EU-MRV, this revision provides guidance on the regulatory compliance timeline and specific procedures necessary for shipping companies. It also includes information on a sample document required for regulatory compliance and updates to ClassNK's support tools.
ClassNK will continue to strive to support stakeholders in the shipping sector through such guidance provision.

“FAQs on the EU-ETS for Shipping (2nd Edition)” is available on the following page of the ClassNK website.
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