Steven Platt

Steven Platt is the CEO and director of special projects at Specialist Security Services, a leading security and risk management company with project experience in over 50 countries. Its services are available to a wide range of international clientele, including governments, agencies and key organisations operating within high risk sectors.


Active Somali Pirate Clans and Militias

By Steven Platt 2017-04-11 13:05:33

With decades of political and economic decline and instability, internal conflict, high unemployment and continued sectarian violence, piracy in the Horn of Africa may be on the verge of returning. After long and heated discussions, members of Somalia’s Puntland Piracy Network (PPN, the Harardheere-Hobyo Networks (HHN) and factions of the notorious Hobyo Pirate Network (HPN) have agreed to “test the waters” as they consider returning to sea. Active clan and pirate militias include: Ali Zwahila Group Members of the Ali Zwahila Group have returned to piracy. Ali Zwahila...

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