Rohini Ralby, Dr. David Soud and Dr. Ian Ralby

Deck of the FSO Safer, indicating the lack of basic maintenance for several years, leading to incidental smaller spills.

Yemen FSO Poses Oil Spill Risk

By Rohini Ralby, Dr. David Soud and Dr. Ian Ralby 2019-08-27 19:57:31

For over a year, I.R. Consilium, a family-owned global consultancy on maritime and resource security, has been monitoring the potentially disastrous situation involving the Safer, a tanker converted into a floating storage and offloading facility (FSO) off the coast of Yemen, and we have been working to motivate action on the matter before it reaches a calamitous conclusion.  Our most recent analysis detailed possible environmental, humanitarian, and economic effects of a major spill from the rapidly deteriorating and potentially explosive...

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