Philipho Yuan

Philipho Yuan is a reporter in Yangzhou, China.

Thousand Day Ordeal for Seaman Guard Ohio Crew

By Philipho Yuan 07-01-2016 07:50:40

Posted in: Piracy

On July 7, the crew of the Seaman Guard Ohio will have been held in India for 1,000 days. The Mission to Seafarers and families...

Seaman Guard Ohio: "Foreign Mercenaries"

By Philipho Yuan 03-10-2016 04:06:48

Posted in: Piracy

In an radio interview on BBC World Service news this week, a former Indian seafarer defended his country’s imprisonment of t...

Seaman Guard Ohio: A Travesty of Justice?

By Philipho Yuan 03-10-2016 02:33:02

Posted in: Piracy

The continuing case of the incarceration of the 35 crew and private maritime security guards of the Seaman Guard Ohio has now gain...

Seaman Guard Ohio: Who is Paying?

By Philipho Yuan 03-10-2016 02:32:40

Posted in: Piracy

On October 12, 2013, the 35 crew and guards on the Seaman Guard Ohio were arrested in India’s territorial waters for possess...

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