Peter Keller

Op-Ed: Why LNG is a Starting Point for a Zero Carbon Future

By Peter Keller 09-15-2020 07:42:26

Posted in: Shipping

Progress requires action, and the pathway to decarbonization requires action now. Waiting for utopian solutions does not solve exi...

Global Infrastructure Is Available For Marine LNG

By Peter Keller 12-11-2019 08:34:48

Posted in: Ports

Recent media coverage has highlighted misconceptions about LNG bunkering infrastructure development. The often misquoted views are...

SEA\LNG: Factual Analysis Shows LNG is Optimal Fuel Choice

Environmental regulations controlling SOx, NOx and greenhouse gases have completely changed the equilibrium of the shipping indust...

2019 Will be the Year of Acceleration for LNG as Marine Fuel

2018 saw a sea-change in attitudes and actions towards LNG as a marine fuel. By March, of the 94 cruise ships on the global order-...

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