Mary Scott Nabers

Mary Scott Nabers?is president and CEO of?Strategic Partnerships Inc.,?a business development company specializing in government contracting and procurement consulting throughout the U.S. Her recently released book,?Inside the Infrastructure Revolution: A Roadmap for Building America, is a handbook for contractors, investors and the public at large seeking to explore how public-private partnerships or joint ventures can help finance their infrastructure projects.


Public-Private Partnerships Support Seaport Development

By Mary Scott Nabers 2018-08-27 12:08:49

Strange as it might seem, the threat of administration-imposed tariffs has not slowed investment in America’s ports. Most are already engaged in making upgrades, performing maintenance, expanding to facilitate larger ships and constructing new storage facilities. Many have already deepened shipping channels, built new locks and invested in larger cranes and other facilities. This is all happening because of the advent of the new and larger neo-Panamax ships, which can transport 10,000 or more containers.  The improvements to harbors and...

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