Edward Eastlack

Edward Eastlack is a senior marine engineer with AqualisBraemar. He has a passion for new technologies that improve safety, reliability, efficiency and the environmental impact of marine assets. He spent the first ten years of his career as a licensed marine engineer and another ten years taking on sophisticated marine projects, including vessel upgrades, repairs, refits and newbuild construction. He holds both a bachelor's degree and a masters of science degrees in marine engineering from the United States Merchant Marine Academy.


New Design Competes for Title of World's Greenest Superyacht

By Edward Eastlack 2019-09-27 23:45:14

Engineers from MAN, Braemar Technical Services and four other maritime firms have produced a novel concept for a zero-emissions superyacht, deploying an all-of-the-above selection of green technology. The concept vessel draws on all forms of renewable maritime power and incorporates use of wind, solar, hydro and thermal energy. Its DC electric bus is fed by multiple power sources - hydrogen fuel cells, solar panels, lithium ion battery banks, wind turbines and a thermal recovery system - and can accommodate other inputs...

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