A.J. Pessa

The Zero-Emissions Tug

With a request for a full-sized, battery-propelled, all-electric tugboat, Ports of Auckland was thought to be “dreaming.&rdq...

Breaking Barriers

Growing-up in Boston in the 1990s, the coastal landscape featured a Goliath-sized crane, a 3,000-ton gantry crane at General Dynam...

Proactive Medical Care for the Merchant Marine

By A.J. Pessa 10-10-2017 08:06:10

Posted in: Maritime

The first time I shipped out, an old able-bodied seaman showed me that WD40 could be used to treat joint pain. We were working har...

Proactive Care

By A.J. Pessa 09-17-2017 03:28:58

Posted in: Article 8

When asked to write an article on medical care my mind quickly went to a memory of my first commercial hitch. An old able-bodied...

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