Video: Japanese Coastal Cargo Ship Runs Aground

cargo ship aground
Images from the TV news show the vessel hard aground (TBS News/YouTube)

Published Jun 7, 2023 12:27 PM by The Maritime Executive

[Brief] Japanese media is broadcasting images of a small coastal cargo vessel that went aground overnight on June 7. There are no reports of injuries while attempts are underway to refloat the vessel.

The news report said the cargo ship named Taisei Maru No.21, a 31-year-old vessel, was sailing in Japan’s Inner Sea east of the city of Hiroshima in a position near Kasaoka. It became stranded at approximately 1:00 a.m. local time with no reports of bad weather impacting the operations. The vessel had been sailing between Takasago City near Kobe in the eastern portion of the sea to Kure City near Hiroshima. The vessel is reported to be 249 feet long and 1,400 dwt.



The video shows the vessel mostly out of the water struck on the rocks of a small peninsular. Reports are saying there was no pollution or signs of hull damage. Five crewmembers were aboard and reported to be uninjured.

A tugboat was sent to assist and was planning to attempt to refloat the vessel at high tide.