Two Passengers Test Negative for Coronavirus Aboard AIDAaura

AIDAaura (file image courtesy Hafen Hamburg)

Published Mar 3, 2020 5:56 PM by The Maritime Executive

[Brief] On Tuesday, two German passengers aboard the cruise ship AIDAaura were tested for coronavirus after German authorities learned that they had previously been in contact with an individual who had a confirmed case of the disease. Both passengers tested negative, authorities reported late Tuesday. 

On Monday, after the discovery that two passengers may have been exposed to coronavirus prior to boarding, AIDAaura delayed her Norwegian coastline itinerary and stayed the night in the port of Haugesund, Norway. The two individuals affected were quarantined in their cabins overnight, and the rest of the passengers and crew were not permitted to leave the ship, according to German media.

A Norwegian doctor boarded the vessel at the request of the ship's agent to examine the two individuals. Both passengers exhibited no symptoms of the disease, the practitioner told Norwegian media. Blood samples were taken and sent to the Haukeland University Hospital in Bergen for evaluation, and both samples came back negative for coronavirus. 

The AIDAaura now plans to continue her voyage. “There is no need to keep the passengers in the quarantine. They can leave the boat freely without danger," said Teis Qvale, the doctor who boarded the vessel, speaking to NRK.