[Update] Tow Line Pulling MOL Comfort's Fore Part Snaps

By MarEx 2013-07-02 10:26:00

As of July 1, Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. places the broken MOL Comfort’s fore part near 17’02”N 67’57”E. The weather in the area is still adverse. The condition of the fore part is stable with majority of cargo aboard.

SMIT Singapore salvage company has been contracted to rescue the cargo and hulls.

Recently, the tow wire was disconnected from the fore part which was being towed in a west-northwest direction. Three tugboats are in the process of being recovered and will resume the towing in a west-northwest direction once the work is completed. 

Close monitoring has confirmed that no oil film around the fore part is present.

The aft part of the vessel sank on June 27, but it has also been confirmed that neither oil leakage nor floating containers are visible. Indian authorities have been notified of all updates and have completed the monitoring operations.

The MOL Comfort could not continue sailing under its own power from June 17 because the hull fractured in 2 parts while under way on the Indian Ocean.