Giangiuseppe Pili and Alessio Armenzoni

Giangiuseppe Pili (Ph. D.) is an Assistant Professor in the Intelligence Analysis Program at James Madison University. He is an Associate Fellow at Open Source Intelligence and Analysis at the Royal United Services Institute. Alessio Armenzoni is a geospatial intelligence analyst working on projects related to maritime security. He studied at the Centre for Higher Defense Studies from the Italian MoD.

After Close Scrutiny, Russian "Ghost Fleet" Ships May Be Changing Tactics

  After the attention paid to the sanctioned freighter Sparta IV and other ships in the "Ghost Fleet", Russia&rs...

As Russia's "Syrian Express" Takes the Long Way Home, NATO is Watching

  On the night of May 1, a U.S Air Force drone took off from the U.S base of Sigonella, Italy, ostensibly to investigate t...

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