OTG Equips Crews for an Ammonia-Fuelled Future with New E-Learning Course

Ocean Technologies Group
Ocean Technologies Group has created the world’s first ammonia fuel safety e-learning title.

Published May 1, 2024 10:05 AM by The Maritime Executive

[By: Ocean Technologies Group]

With ammonia gaining popularity as a clean future fuel, and the first ammonia-powered vessels expected as early as 2025, Ocean Technologies Group (OTG) has the world’s first ammonia fuel safety e-learning title to familiarise seafarers with the differences in handling, storage and safety precautions needed on ammonia fuelled vessels.

Ammonia is already transported as a cargo on specialist tankers and is sometimes used as a refrigerant at sea, but common working practices are not yet established when using it as a fuel, with most crew unaware of its properties and how to handle it safely.

Ahead of the IMO producing interim guidelines in September 2024, OTG has proactively engaged with working groups such as The Nautical Institute and those formed as part of the Just Transition Task Force as they develop competencies for safely handling ammonia as a fuel.

Recognising the immediate need for crew awareness and to support the industry's safe adoption of ammonia, OTG has created new e-learning that covers the known risks and their mitigations when using ammonia as a fuel. Topics include different onboard storage solutions, how to deal with a fire involving ammonia, and protection against an accidental release of the chemical onboard.

“The first ammonia-powered ships are due next year, so it was essential for OTG to develop this e-learning module to ensure seafarers are prepared for the significant differences in handling ammonia as a fuel when compared with existing hydrocarbon-based fuels. This new release builds on our “Introduction to New Fuel Types” title and is the first of a series on specific new fuel handling courses, with hydrogen coming next,” said Knut Mikalsen, Director of Learning Solutions for OTG.

“Our customers are some of the most forward-thinking and innovative in the industry, and they expect us to be ahead of the curve in developing E-Learning solutions. Through our close links with the key players in zero and low-carbon fuels’ development, we ensure our courses provide the latest information and equip seafarers with the latest knowledge on how to handle these new fuels safely. As new regulations and best practices are developed, our courses are modified to reflect these changes to ensure ongoing compliance and seafarer safety,” said Johan Gustafsson, Chief Revenue Officer at OTG.

For more information on this title, go to the Ocean Technologies Group website: www.oceantg.com

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