Wilhelmsen Ship Management

We are one of the world's largest third party ship managers. Our people are the reason for our success. With skilled hands both on shore and on board, we are committed to deliver the best ship management experience. Our pool of competent seafarers are people with talent and ambitions. With a global network of manning offices and training center, we are confident that we can meet your crewing needs

A Deep Dive Into Ship Management and Decarbonization at Wilhelmsen

Published Dec 12, 2023 2:44 PM by Wilhelmsen Ship Management

Posted in: Business

  Wilhelmsen's CEO & President, Carl Schou, believes there are great opportunities for ship managers ahead. In a r...

Competency Assurance in Wilhelmsen Ship Management

Published Apr 16, 2023 3:39 PM by Wilhelmsen Ship Management

Posted in: Shipping

In Wilhelmsen, we manage a pool of 10,000 strong crew as the backbone of our operation. While having the right culture and safe wo...

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