Tom Peters

Tom Peters

Power Surge

By Tom Peters 12-26-2019 03:35:00

Posted in: Ports

Major energy projects are firing up business at U.S. ports and terminals in the special project, heavy lift and breakbulk categori...

Car Boom

By Tom Peters 12-19-2019 06:35:00

Posted in: Ports

In 2018 the United States was the largest importer of cars in the world with a dollar value of $178.5 billion and the third larges...

The Boom in Plastics

By Tom Peters 12-11-2019 08:00:00

Posted in: Ports

The increase in the production of petrochemicals, spurred by the abundance of shale gas as feedstock and the demand for ethane &nd...

Show Me the Way

By Tom Peters 04-18-2019 05:26:59

Posted in: Cruise Ships

In 1975 British rock star Peter Frampton released the song, “Show Me the Way.” The hit was about a young man lost in h...

Breakbulk Rising

By Tom Peters 12-26-2018 11:55:19

Posted in: Ports

Maritime research consultancy Drewry suggested earlier this year in its “Multipurpose Forecaster and Annual Review” th...

Cool Tech

By Tom Peters 12-20-2018 07:07:30

Posted in: Ports

French container line CMA CGM, the globe’s second largest mover of temperature-controlled cargo, seems to get it when it com...

?I Want MORE?!

By Tom Peters 03-07-2018 07:10:13

Posted in: Article 5

In Charles Dickens’ classic, Oliver Twist, young Oliver, after eating his bowl of gruel, is encouraged by his mates to do th...


By Tom Peters 02-23-2018 10:31:00

Posted in: Article 7

Market specialist Lauren McCormick at the port of Freeport, Texas says, “The reefer trade, overall, has gone through a great...


By Tom Peters 02-17-2018 01:16:00

Posted in: Article 8

A supply chain is only as good as the sum of its parts. If there is a breakdown anywhere in the system, then the chain is flawed a...

Capacity & Velocity

By Tom Peters 11-29-2017 06:20:52

Posted in: Article 7

(This article was originally publised in the 2017 Sept/Oct edition) Meeting the challenges of an ever-changing global supply ch...

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