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Subsea Global Solutions is the globally formed corporation consisting of the assets and personnel of Miami Diver LLC, Miami Diver Panama, Miami Diver International, and Parker Diving Service LLC. With a dedicated staff situated globally, Subsea Global Solutions has revolutionized the methods of repair for ships and advanced the methodology used in underwater Marine Construction. After a decade of unprecedented productive growth, SUBSEA GLOBAL SOLUTIONS companies are solidly positioned to present their unique and revolutionary methods for underwater ship repair and husbandry to customers under a single global banner and brand.


No Drydock Needed

By Subsea Global Solutions 2018-01-26 21:51:00

[Advertorial] In November, a fully loaded bulk carrier contacted Subsea Global Solutions (SGS) with a shaft seal issue. They reported that they were losing all stern tube oil into the vessel and were experiencing heavy water ingress through the forward seal system into the engine room. Thanks to a well-thought-out repair, they made it safely to their original destination and discharged their cargo - before heading to drydock, not after.  After the initial report, the vessel was towed from an anchorage in Russia across the...

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