Michael F. Merlie


Michael F. Merlie is a partner at the law firm Gawthrop Greenwood, PC. He specializes in admiralty and maritime law, as well as business law, financing, secure transactions, mergers and acquisitions, and real estate law. Michael can be reached at mmerlie@gawthrop.com or 610-696-8225.


Autonomous Ships: Regulations Left in Their Wake?

By Michael F. Merlie 2017-07-20 16:27:05

The general public is well aware of the continuing development of autonomous vehicles. The media constantly provides stories on the advances of these self-driving cars, trucks and cabs. Autonomous vehicles are expected to increase safety while also resulting in significant cost savings in the transportation of goods. While not receiving the same amount of media coverage, the technology for autonomous ships is also rapidly developing. Earlier this year, a Norwegian partnership announced plans to build the world’s first fully-autonomous containership....

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