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Harry Valentine


Mr. Valentine has a degree in mechanical engineering from Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada specializing in thermodynamics (energy conversion) and transportation technology. He has worked as a technical journalist for the past 10-years and has more than 2 decades of research in the transportation industry.

X-Bow Design Could Help Solve Air Draft Challenges for Boxships

By Harry Valentine 02-12-2021 05:00:00

Posted in: Shipping

The X-Bow allows for possible lower level forward placement of the ship’s control-bridge above and immediately behind the bo...

Revisiting Vanadium Flow Batteries for Ship Propulsion

By Harry Valentine 02-07-2021 12:31:00

Posted in: Shipping

In July 2019, Maritime Executive carried a commentary suggesting possible application of vanadium flow batteries for ves...

A Multi-Slat Hydrofoil for Low-Speed Sailing in Heavy Seas

By Harry Valentine 01-31-2021 05:01:00

Posted in: Shipping

Aeronautical hobbyists have built, tested and flown scale model airplanes that use multi-slat aeronautical main wings that provide...

Competing High-Speed Catamaran Electric Ferries

By Harry Valentine 01-22-2021 03:38:00

Posted in: Shipping

The combination of advances in boat hull design, hydrofoil design and electric storage technology has prompted research into high-...

Increasing Future Container Transfer at the Port of Halifax

By Harry Valentine 01-17-2021 11:39:00

Posted in: Ports

The rebuilding of the Panama Canal to transit larger container ships prompted port developers to consider building container trans...

Future Hydrofoil Development and the Aeronautical Fan-Wing

By Harry Valentine 12-18-2020 03:15:00

Posted in: Shipping

Several years ago, an aeronautical designer installed an aeronautical version of a paddlewheel into model airplane wings, to achie...

Managing Warming Waters on the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway

The binational governing body that oversees the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway, the International Joint Commission (IJC) rece...

Prospects for Automation in Inland Waterway Transport

By Harry Valentine 12-08-2020 08:38:00

Posted in: Shipping

Much research and development is currently underway involving automation in the transportation industries and including in contain...

Mining Equipment Could Inspire New Methods for Cargo Handling

By Harry Valentine 11-29-2020 04:31:42

Posted in: Ports

Vehicles used at maritime ports to move containers and bulk cargo might seem to have little in common with mining trucks. However,...

Typhoon Wind Turbines and Maritime Propulsion

Beginning over a decade ago in response to powerful winds destroying wind turbines, Japanese researchers began developing wind tur...

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