Eye Seal is a Florida based company that manufactures and sells internal breach detection devices for shipping containers to protect cargo and improve transparency for the logistics chain. It was founded in 2013 by Enrique Acosta, Leo Horowitz and colleagues from Coremet Trading - all involved in the international trade of non-ferrous scrap metals. The Co-Founders had struggled with losses associated with theft and pilferage of their metal shipments. The inability to identify the time and location of unauthorized breaches negatively affected commercial relationships and the insurance claims process. These losses compelled Enrique and the team to search for alternatives to the standard inert static container seals. It became evident the solution was a connected internal digital device for containers capable of recording and reporting events in the logistics chain and the development of the “Eye-Seal” began. Enrique and Leo have assembled a team of experts that has fine-tuned the device with worldwide deployments and testing collaborations. Eye Seal begun as a self-funded venture and later completed a round of funding with shipping experts and the Texas A&M Aggie Angel Network. Our connected digital internal breach detection devices have two US Patents, making the Eye-Seal the only patented device to be installed inside containers with no external components. We represent a clear break in technology by raising the bar from external static plastic container seals to a digital internal breach detection platform that monitors each door independently and reports on multiple internal environment parameters. For more information, visit www.eye-seal.com.

Internal Container Breach Detection Tech Provides Real-Time Reports

Published Sep 22, 2019 5:30 PM by Eye-Seal

Posted in: Maritime

Cargo theft is a significant problem for shippers, insurers and cargo owners, with damages reaching into the hundreds of billions...

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