Dustin Eno



Dustin Eno is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Crisis Response Manager for Navigate Response. Eno manages the media response for numerous shipping incidents, coordinates the operations of Navigate's global network and is one of the company's lead media trainers. Before joining Navigate, he ran crisis communications for the largest wildfire management center in British Columbia.


Crisis Exercises Need to Include Media Relations

By Dustin Eno 2017-03-24 12:32:59

Why communications must be part of your exercise Media pressure changes the experience of any incident and if it’s not realistically included in an exercise then you’re not practicing for a real incident. Journalist calls can clog phone lines. Key decision makers can be kept busy with media enquiries. Charterers and other stakeholders will start demanding responses. An external media responder will help to keep the pressure off your teams, but it cannot eliminate all issues and, more importantly, it is...

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