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Discovery Health has the most comprehensive suite of services to help protect the health and livelihoods of your mariners - while mitigating financial risk for your company. Our team of highly experienced physicians in maritime, emergency and travel medicine has a deep understanding of the medical, regulatory and legal issues affecting the commercial maritime industry. Have peace-of-mind as we help manage your most precious resource - your officers and crew.


Proactive Medical Support for the Maritime Industry

By Discovery Health 2017-10-11 16:42:12

[Advertorial by Ray Jarris MD and Ann Jarris MD] Injuries at sea are often preventable and the maritime industry has made great progress with well-designed safety programs and increasing safety awareness at sea. A similar effort is needed to address the fact that over fifty percent of medical events at sea are the result of medical illness. With medical training for officers, a well-designed medical kit and shore side medical support from maritime-savvy physicians, most mariners who are injured or...

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