Consortium for International Maritime Heritage (CIMH)

The Consortium is dedicated to developing and supporting maritime heritage programming that can serve as focal points for a wide array of constituent groups to share culture values and experiences that shed light on how we are interconnected by the world’s oceans. Rediscovering the past through our shared maritime heritage allows us to collectively better navigate a sustainable future.


Congress on Maritime Heritage Calls for Respect for the Oceans

By Consortium for International Maritime Heritage (CIMH) 2019-06-18 14:11:20

In March, a three-day meeting of maritime industry leaders, government officials, scientists and scholars was held in Singapore to explore the intersections and impacts of maritime heritage. The key message from this first World Congress on Maritime Heritage is a simple one: the oceans are in trouble, and if the oceans are in trouble, so too is the earth.  We breathe oxygen produced by the sea and the sea mitigates the impact of inadequately controlled CO2 emissions. This is a...

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