Capt. Sukhjit Singh et al.

Capt. Sukhjit Singh is an experienced master mariner and applied researcher with over 25 years in the shipping industry and maritime sector. He is also current Head of School (Maritime Science) at the University of Gibraltar and supports various international capacity building projects as a technical expert. Jillian Carson-Jackson is an experienced navigation officer, maritime professional and author of ‘The Simulation Instructor’s Handbook’ (published by the Nautical Institute). She is active in both training and digital developments with a focus on evolving on-line training opportunities and digital data developments for the maritime industry. Vivian Rambarath-Parasram is an Attorney at Law with over 25 years’ experience in Maritime law, international environmental law, corporate governance and commercial law. She has been affiliated with The University of Trinidad and Tobago since 2007 and is currently heading the Centre for Maritime and Ocean Studies. Mikael Lind is the world’s first Professor of Maritime Informatics and is engaged at Chalmers, Sweden, and is also Senior Strategic Research Advisor at Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE). He serves as an expert for World Economic Forum, Europe’s Digital Transport Logistic Forum (DTLF), and UN/CEFACT. He is the co-editor of the first book of maritime informatics and the follow-up book recently published by Springer. Wolfgang Lehmacher is operating partner at Anchor Group. The former head of supply chain and transport industries at the World Economic Forum and President and CEO Emeritus of GeoPost Intercontinental is advisory board member of The Logistics and Supply Chain Management Society, ambassador of The European Freight and Logistics Leaders' Forum, and founding member of the think tanks Logistikweisen and NEXST. Richard Watson is a Regents Professor and the J. Rex Fuqua Distinguished Chair for Internet Strategy at the University of Georgia. He is a former President of the Association for Information Systems and was awarded its highest honor, a LEO, for his achievements in information systems. Sandra Haraldson is Senior Researcher at Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE) and has driven several initiatives on digital collaboration, multi-business innovation, and sustainable transport hubs, such as the concept of Collaborative Decision Making (e.g. PortCDM, StationCDM, YardCDM) enabling parties in transport ecosystems to become coordinated and synchronised by digital data sharing. Omar Frits Eriksson has over 30 years’ experience of working with safety of navigation. He is the Dean of the IALA World-Wide Academy and deputy Secretary-General of IALA ,which provides model courses for Aids to Navigation managers and VTS training.

Are We on Track? XTE and Maritime Education and Training

Published Dec 27, 2021 4:21 PM by Capt. Sukhjit Singh et al.

Posted in: Shipping

[By Sukhjit Singh, Jillian Carlson-Jackson, Vivian Rambarath-Parasram, Mikael Lind, Wolfgang Lehmacher, Richard T. Watson, Sa...

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