Capt. Paul Lobo


?Captain Paul Lobo holds a U.S. Masters License and Unlimited First Class Pilotage for San Francisco and Humboldt Bay, CA. He was appointed a San Francisco Bar Pilot in February, 1977, the youngest pilot appointed since 1850. He retired in 2008 after 31 years of service. His first book, "Crossing the Bar: The Adventures of a San Francisco Bay Bar Pilot," published by Skyhorse Press, was voted one of the top five nautical non-fiction books for 2016.


Collisions Show That "Navy Way" is the Wrong Course

By Capt. Paul Lobo 2017-09-13 21:37:05

As a retired lieutenant-commander in the U.S. Naval Reserve and a San Francisco bar pilot with 31 years’ experience, I find the recent collisions of U.S. Navy vessels and the resulting loss of life disheartening and incomprehensible. Much to my dismay, these incidents could have been prevented – that is, if the Navy would change the way it operates. As a bar pilot, my job was bringing all vessels, great and small, into San Francisco Bay. That meant coming aboard and taking...

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