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From dry dock to harbour to open sea, Alfa Laval is at your service. No other supplier offers such a wide range of proven equipment, covering the most critical operations on board. Nor will you find greater competence in merging equipment into optimized applications and innovative solutions to your challenges. Our decades of work with shipyards, ship owners and ship operators are vital in this respect. Meeting the future is impossible without a true understanding of where things stand today – an understanding we’ve earned through a century of marine service.


Making Quick Work of Ballast Water Treatment

By Alfa Laval 2019-06-24 14:59:00

As the IMO ballast water treatment requirement rolls out, equipment vendors are competing to offer shipowners the most flexible, useful systems possible. This means delivering reliable compliance in a wide range of water conditions, but it also means meeting operators’ needs - like minimum holding time. Alfa Laval's UV-based PureBallast 3 system recently received U.S. Coast Guard type approval for discharging ballast water just 2.5 hours after taking it on board - a small fraction of the time required under...

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