First U.S. Offshore Wind Crew Boat Hits the Water

wind service boat

By MarEx 2016-02-16 17:27:53

Rhode Island Fast Ferry has announced that the first U.S. offshore wind farm service vessel has now hit the water. The 21-meter (69-foot) high speed catamaran is being built by Blount Boats at Rhode Island in the nation’s north east.

The vessel’s electronics are now being tested, and this will be followed by interior work. The vessel is based on a South Boats IOW’s design and includes equipment from MAN Engines, HamiltonJet New Zealand, KVH, Imtra Corporation, Cummins Power Generation and Palfinger.

In May 2015, Rhode Island Fast Ferry signed a 20-year crew transfer contract with Deepwater Wind for its 30MW Block Island offshore wind farm, also an American first. 

The company’s subsidiary Atlantic Wind Transfers is responsible for the construction of the vessel. Atlantic Wind Transfers will provide crew and equipment support during the construction phase of the Block Island Wind Farm, beginning in Spring 2016.  Following completion of the five-turbine site, its work will move into operations and maintenance support and will encompass a scheduled maintenance program as well as any additional crew transfer support required throughout the 20-year lifecycle of the wind farm.

The vessel is scheduled to commence work this spring.

Images: facebook