Denmark Analyzes Ship Autonomy Options

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By The Maritime Executive 2017-03-20 18:39:16

Denmark’s potential for autonomous ships has been analyzed in a study by the Danish Technological University and the Danish Maritime Authority. The study aims to inspire future development projects.

The pre-analysis focuses primarily on small coastal ships including small island ferries, tugboats, barges, supply and service vessels for drilling platforms and wind farms as well as autonomous surface vessels for servicing underwater and drone units for offshore inspections.

A decisive element in the analysis of the suitability of autonomous ships for goods transport is noted as the industry’s competition with transport by truck.

The study says there is a compelling need for the IMO to engage in the work promoting remotely-controlled and autonomous ships. The challenge consists in ensuring that the legal challenges are handled carefully so that the issue is promoted in the IMO in the long term.

The report is available here.