Coast Guard Activities Europe Honors Maersk Michigan Master and Crew

By MarEx 2011-04-27 15:13:06


ROTTERDAM, Netherlands – Capt. John S. Kenyon, Commanding Officer for Coast Guard Activities Europe, presented Master Mariner Mike Ross with the Coast Guard Public Service Commendation for the 2010 at-sea rescue of two men in the Straits of Hormuz.

On June 21, 2010, Ross served as Master for the Maersk Michigan while destined for Sitrah, Bahrain.  The ship was operating under sail orders from Sealift Logistics Command Central with a U.S. Navy Embarked Security Team (EST).  Early in the morning, the ship’s lookout and members of the EST roving watch heard voices in the water.  The mate of the watch quickly assessed the situation and turned the ship around while making preparations for a search and rescue operation.  The crew used flares, spot lights, and night vision goggles to find two individuals in the water, amidst a debris field and more than 100 yards apart from one another.  Neither man had a life jacket and both were using Styrofoam stuffed in their shirts to keep afloat.

Using a rescue boat, the crew rescued both men from the water.  The men were cold and tired, but did not appear to have any injuries.  After further medical and security checks by the crew, the rescued men were brought aboard the ship and provided dry clothes and a place to rest.  Due to the diligence of the crew and EST, the rescued men were transferred to Bahraini immigration authorities.  The alert watch, timely maneuvering, and proper conduct of rescue and assistance procedures led to the crew saving the lives of two fellow mariners.

The award was presented to the Maersk Michigan’s crew on behalf of Vice Adm. Robert C. Parker, Commander, Coast Guard Atlantic Area.