Paul Benecki

Paul Benecki is a graduate of Cornell University's chemistry program. He worked in industry for several years before shipping out on freighters and tugs on the U.S. West Coast, then with the University of Washington's research vessel, the Thomas G. Thompson. He studied navigation and bridge resource management at the Pacific Maritime Institute, and is currently a staff writer and news editor at The Maritime Executive Magazine.

Spending Spree

Spending Spree

By Paul Benecki 2017-05-01 14:25:47

(Article was originally published in March/April 2017 edition.) Seaports know they must continue investing in infrastructure in order to maintain their competitiveness....


Big Data Makes Smuggling Harder to Hide

By Paul Benecki 2017-03-28 14:08:07

For thousands of years, maritime authorities have relied on tip-offs, patrols, investigations and random inspections to find smuggled goods. Today they have a variety of...

measure of certainty

A Measure of Certainty

By Paul Benecki 2017-03-23 15:43:03

From January/February 2017 Edition The U.S. Coast Guard has finally issued its first type-approvals for ballast water treatment systems: Time for the industry to step...


Philippine Military Fights Pirates on the Ground

By Paul Benecki 2017-03-07 15:54:13

On Saturday, the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) recovered the body of German yachtsman Jurgen Kantner, who was beheaded by the Islamist terrorist group Abu Sayyaf...

Harley Franco

Harley Franco, Founder, Chairman & CEO, Harley Marine

By Paul Benecki 2017-01-05 10:08:30

The founder of Harley Marine is equal parts entrepreneur, philanthropist and visionary – and all business. By Paul Benecki Harley Marine has grown dramatically...


A Reputation for Quality

By Paul Benecki 2017-01-05 09:40:02

Since its founding 30 years ago Harley Marine has prospered through industry-leading investments in people, equipment and safety management systems. By Paul...


Gazprom's Plans May Anticipate End of Sanctions

By Paul Benecki 2017-01-02 20:33:13

In a little-noticed post on December 30, a Russian government outlet announced that American service companies are scheduled to work on the Arctic offshore...


Competitive Edge

By Paul Benecki 2016-12-05 16:54:50

Dredging is more than just digging a ditch. It’s a leg up on the competition. By Paul Benecki Dredging projects are driven by market forces and the environment,...


Interview: TOTE's Peter Keller on LNG Bunkering

By Paul Benecki 2016-11-15 21:49:08

Peter Keller is the executive vice president of TOTE Inc. and the chairman of the SEA\LNG coalition, a consortium of prominent suppliers, shipping firms, class societies and...

marine electronics

The Limits of Automation

By Paul Benecki 2016-10-31 16:30:12

      “Big Data,” “the Internet of things,” “the cloud” – all the latest catchphrases from enterprise IT are...

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