The PartnerShip: A Global Initiative for Awareness of the Shipping Industry


By MarEx 2016-05-13 14:54:57

The PartnerShip is an innovative concept based around the creation of a virtual online ship, over a two-year project build cycle. The concept allows the major merchant ship types to be combined as a unique generic design providing the perfect platform to showcase the vast array of equipment, systems and services that allow today’s merchant fleet to operate. The project is distinctive in that it focuses on the key element in the industry - the ship, and in providing maritime businesses with a unique opportunity to satisfy their CSR, educational and marketing needs all in one.


The PartnerShip has a common goal to build relationships inside and outside the shipping industry. We have created an opportunity for collective working to raise the profile of the industry, the ship, its related components and services in both an engaging and highly visible way


During the two-year project cycle, The PartnerShip will continuously develop providing a practical online tool for educating the next generation on what a ship is, what equipment and components are required, and what services are available to enable the ship to operate effectively.


Through the exclusive sponsorship of each component or service, participation in project events from launch to delivery, special fundraising events and through individual donations, The PartnerShip is seeking to raise £1million to support a variety of good causes. Companies have the opportunity to become the exclusive provider of an item of equipment or a service for the ‘virtual ship’ and all benefactors can choose which charities benefit from their generosity. 

Mike Porter, Director of Podium 4 and founder of The PartnerShip said “I have long believed that the shipping industry is undersold in the world of big business. It has so much more to offer and with new technologies to the fore, we need a collective approach and an innovative vehicle to embrace the future generation and improve the overall industry image. The Partnership is an opportunity for us to share our collective abilities and achieve the vision of a collaborative approach supporting the future success of our industry” 

Andy Ford, GM Marketing, Europe & Africa, Wärtsilä Marine Solutions added “When we were approached with this innovative concept we had no hesitation in supporting it as a project partner by offering our design services and as an exclusive sponsor as it ticks all the right boxes for us. We urge our industry colleagues to come together and collectively support the PartnerShip to build, educate and fundraise and to help achieve its worthy objectives”.

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