Adapter Creates Safe Shore Power Connection


By MarEx 2016-04-28 16:25:27

Owners of larger vessels need to keep an adapter aboard in case the marina they're visiting doesn't offer matching shore power output. For yachts with 100 amp, 125/250 AC electricity, Hubbell Marine's YQ100PLUS Intelligent Y Adapter is ideal. It allows the user to hook up to pedestals that have one or two same-phased, 50 amp 125/250V AC receptacles.

Reflecting Hubbell's commitment to safety, the YQ100PLUS features indicator lights that show if the dockside wiring is correct for adequate voltage—helpful before an owner turns on the electricity in the boat. They also warn if one of the two plugs isn't engaged properly, which guards against the danger of a live, but disconnected, cord end.

If the marina offers only a single 50 amp receptacle, using the "A" leg plug of the YQ100PLUS brings 50 amp, 250V AC power aboard. The other cord on this Y adapter remains safely dormant in this situation.

The electronic components stay dry and protected in a lightweight enclosure that is also UV and impact resistant. Sealing grommets keep moisture out. Hubbell's full-feature connectors and fully molded plugs have cord clamps to prevent terminal strain. The YQ100PLUS Intelligent Y Adapter has a suggested retail price of $4,999.

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