AEGIR-Marine and On Site Alignment Partnership

By MarEx 2014-09-16 20:22:00

AEGIR-Marine and On Site Alignment (OSA) will sign a contract confirming their strategic
alliance concerning stern seal & propulsion service and the alignment of propulsion shafting
and bearings of seagoing vessels.

Ruud Muis (AEGIR-Marine CEO): “Since AEGIR-Marine is a service organization, we aim to offer total solutions to our customers. By including a partner in the field of alignment, we can both improve our service and the durability of our stern seals.”

Where AEGIR-Marine is a well known provider of stern tube seals and service, On Site
Alignment is a newcomer in the field of alignment of seagoing vessels. A specialist with tons of knowledge and experience however.

A partnership based on delivering more service to our customers
The wear and durability of stern tube seal and bearings are closely related to the proper
alignment of the propulsion system. A propulsion system that is not aligned correctly, makes
stern seals and bearings vulnerable to wear that can cause leakage.

Arie Leeuwenburg (OSA's Managing Director) says: "A propulsion installation is a delicate
balanced entity and if a propeller shaft that hasn’t been aligned in the best way possible will
cause damage in the long term. Whereas all components benefit from a well aligned shaft. The
mean time between failures (MBF) will reduce considerably.”

Both companies strongly believe that proper alignment always pays off with regard to the
durability of seals and bearings, in preventing leakage and damage to the environment and in
operating profits.

The result of this partnership
AEGIR-Marine deliberately chose for a partnership instead of incorporating alignment in its
portfolio. Ruud Muis: "Should we incorporate this service, our organization would have to grow.
And we all know: the bigger the company, the more inflexible it is. Flexibility is one of our core
values. This partnership is one way to guarantee our flexibility. OSA is an absolute expert. This
way we offer our customers a short line that will surely benefit them.”

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