Massachusetts Officials Investigate Possible Sewage Dumping from Cruise Ship

By MarEx 2012-08-10 10:11:03

Officials are investigating a Holland America cruise ship after a room tag and sewage washed ashore in Lynn, Massachusetts.

The room tag from the ms Maasdam was discovered among garbage that included contraceptives, dental floss, and a urinal cake. The debris was located about 15 miles from Boston. Although intentional dumping has not been alleged in this instance, Massachusetts officials on scene say the sewage looks similar to the contents of a ship’s waste holding tank.

Holland America has stated that they are doubtful that anything came from their ship, but will also launch an investigation into the incident. They maintain that the company follows strict environmental guidelines.

The ms Maasdam, a nearly 20 year-old cruise ship that carries over 1,800 passengers and crew, last transited the waters near the Massachusetts coast on July 14 en route to Europe.