Cyprus Ships Anti-Piracy Bill Approved

By MarEx 2012-04-23 12:41:11

The Cyprus Shipping Chamber welcomes the adoption by the Council of Ministers, of a relevant Bill to combat Piracy on Cyprus ships. With the approval of this pioneering Bill, an innovative and detailed legislative framework is established for lawfully using armed escorts by specially trained and certified guards.

The Chamber, as the official representative of the Cyprus Shipping Industry, cooperated very closely with the Cyprus Maritime Administration and especially with the Department of Merchant Shipping, during the preparatory stages of this important Bill, which took over a year.

The “Anti-Piracy” Law will provide a response to the current “gangrene” of the
phenomenon of Piracy affecting International Shipping, which has escalated in recent years with the illegal seizure of vessels and detention of seafarers under inhuman conditions including torture, injuries and even killings, against ransom payment claims on behalf of shipowners for their release. The cost of Piracy in terms of International Trade during 2010 only, was estimated at 12 Billion American Dollars.

The Cyprus Shipping Chamber anticipates that, with the subsequent approval of the Bill by the House of Representatives very soon, Cyprus will become the first country in the European Union, and possibly internationally, which will regulate in such detail this burning issue for International Shipping and in this way, it will further enhance its maritime infrastructure, as well as its image held today as a reliable and constantly developing Maritime Centre.